DScaler 4.1.15

DScaler 4 is a piece of software that captures video, processes it, and scales it for presentation on a projector or computer monitor. DScaler implements highly sophisticated algorithms that work in real-time to provide PC owners with image quality matched only by very expensive equipment.

DScaler performs a variety of functions:

  • Grabbing video from a DVD player, game console, laserdisc, or VCR in a reliable fashion, in either analog or digital form
  • Deinterlacing video source, such as sports and news produced with a video camera, as well as console games
  • Detecting and removing 2:2 pulldown (PAL) and 3:2 pulldown (NTSC) for movies and filmed television programs
  • Reducing video noise on analog sources
  • Automatically calibrating video capture cards for optimal brightness, contrast and color
  • Manipulating video through gamma, sharpness and other filters
  • Viewing still images
  • Reducing judder and other video timing anomalies
  • Presenting all of the above in the desired resolution and aspect ratio

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DScaler 4.1.15

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